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US! "Dreams for super-defeated heores" album review from Profane Existence # 57.
[Puj] Sul n. 57 della nota fanzine americana "Profane Existence" (estate '08) è stato recensito il nostro album "Dreams for super-defeated heroes" (cliccare sull'immagine per ingrandirla/click on thumbnail to enlarge).
Ho scoperto qualche giorno fa, riprendendo in mano quel numero, che l'autore della recensione in questione è Don, un ragazzo californiano che ha co-prodotto il nostro ultimo 7". Doppio ringraziamento a Don quindi, che, tra l'altro, ha anche espresso opinioni interessanti sulla nostra musica, accostandola addirittura al ...Cirque du Soleil!

"A musical collective? First thought comes to mind is Crass. This collective based out of Milano, Italy, formed in 1996 features 10 members and are self described as romantic punk. The music is so much broader to be pigeonholed in my opinion. My first impression was much bigger than that because they think so far outside of the box. I was thinking more in line of music for a soundtrack or musical. In a strange way, this reminded me of music from Cirque du Soleil. The feeling of being in another time and place in a fictional dream. The anarcho-punk energy mixed with the futuristic sounds of keyboards and synthesizers add layers and depth that has the effectof washing you away in sound. Musically the band is not afraid to mix in elements from different genres to create n aural experience to be the backdrop ti their lyrics. Emotions are clearly defined and the female vocals are the driving force to the songs which are both sung with piercing precision and also wallow with an underlying sorrow. To tie of this journey, they do a Declino cover thet gives this release a last burst of rage. I am truly inntrigued by this listening experience. After engulfing my self with this release, it makes me want to track down their previous releases to hear the band's evolution (Donofthedead)."

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